Glass walls

There is this building a about 30 minutes away from where I live,  and it is all made out of glass! I always wonder if someone breaks a window if it is called breaking a window or breaking a wall?

It’s interesting and very creative, I love it!


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Music Music Music

Music is a great thing. Some people love it so much they dedicate rooms too it.

This room isn’t as dedicated as much as others. Like my fathers office is dedicated to Music, too. There are a total of 7 Guitars on his wall. One of the Guitar is mine.

I like the way people get very creative with dedicating rooms too music, and some are not all that elaborate, but it is still very interesting.

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Color splash!

I love this little room. I wish my room could look like this! It reminds me of a small house in a city.

While looking at the picture you have to think of how creative that person had to be to be able to come up with an idea of that homes color and personalty.

My favorite part of the house is the little picture is the table. I love the little basket of vegetables!

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I love my kitchen

I really do love my kitchen. I can’t explain why. It is small and hard for two people to be in, but I still love it. I cook in it everyday for my family.

No matter how small your kitchen is, I believe,it is the heart of the home. It is where the family gathers around to smell the turkey on Thanksgiving. It is where I love to be.

Even if your kitchen is unbelievably small, doesn’t mean it isn’t a great one. From the pictures above you can tell my kitchen is NOT big and roomy and a place where the family can come and talk to me while I make dinner for them. Heck! If the dogs come in I have to find a way to easily move around the kitchen! But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. It’s still a room I am in 90% of my day. It’s my favorite room in the house.

Yes, I do wish it was bigger. Yes, I do wish my family could help me cook. But, I realize that’ll never be able to happen. So I am happy for what I am and glad that my kitchen isn’t smaller than it is.

So if you have a large kitchen, be glad. And if you have a small kitchen, don’t be mad. Be happy and make the best of it. No matter the size, a kitchen is still the heart and soul of the home.

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This cute little cabin,

This cute little cabin, you could say is rather plan, but to me it screams exiting.

There maybe no color but the little things replace the lack of color. Little things like the ceiling that comes up and forms a high triangle, the beds blanket, the doors in the back, all these things give this little cabin some character.

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It maybe in a house but it is still a dorm!

Do you suffer from having an insanely small room? If you do, I feel your pain! My room is very small, and when redoing it I had a lot of difficulty! So with a night of no sleep because of thoughts running around in my head and a Great Furniture Store! I was able to come up with the great idea of turning my room into a dorm!

After all, all a dorm is is an area in which you live. And, a bedroom is an area in which you sleep and spend time in. So, i woke up and decided I was going to turn my room into a dorm. I went to Ikea and looked at many things. Ranging from beds to closet organization! I found the perfect bed and a great book shelf!

I think I came up with a great idea! Sense normally a dorm is a small room and my bedroom is a small room, and a dorm is like an apartment, when everything gets finished my bedroom will look like my own little apartment.

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Long Car rides are the WORST!

Have you ever been stuck in a car for more than 15 hours? If you have than you know that it’s not any fun! But that dose not mean it has to be that way.

First it depends on where you are going. If you end up passing through Virgina your one of the lucky ones. This state is full of fun places. So dose, Washington D.C. , New Jersey, Maryland, New York, ETC. You can see some interesting buildings and some unique little shops that you probably wouldn’t find in your states Downtown area.

Car rides don’t have to be cramped and boring! Especially if your with your family! If you have the time and the patients to stop, then stop! You just might discover something! Don’t make the stops too long if you have little kids, you don’t want them to get bored. If you do have small children or kids close to the ages of 7-14 don’t stay in one place for too long and don’t lecture the kids about the history of the place. The would just rather be in the cramped stuffy car.

See, car rides don’t have to be the worst, you can make them fun! You just have to use a little imagination!

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